Ken Shall Golf

 About US

golf in palm springEveryone at Ken Shall Golf believes strongly in providing custom fitted and built golf clubs that can improve your golf game! By having clubs fitted and assembled to “your” swing so that you do not have to adjust your swing to fit your clubs!  Our Goal at Ken Shall Golf is to provide not only the highest quality equipment at best prices, but also to provide you with the products and knowledge to take your game to the next level.

Ken Shall Golf offers golf club repair and customization. We provide a variety of services including fitting, repairs, adjustments, tuning, and re-gripping.

Our Knowledge

golf brands fittingOur Knowledge comes from our Teaching Philosophy that was developed over many years of playing, practicing and learning golf. This philosophy is battled tested and ready to make a serious impact on our students. Our Teaching Philosophy is broken down into three pillars we work hard every day to execute on. Every action we take is founded in these core pillars.

  • Build every golfer regardless of skill level the right custom clubs to maximize distance, spin and control in their game.
  • Teach the basics in an easy simple fun way so a golfer always want to come back for more.
  • Teach every student a consistent swing that gets results and lowers scores over time.

With today’s technology and plenty of experienced, trained experts at hand, there’s no reason to not buy a golf club with the same attention to size and fit as you would a pair of shoes. You can get some advice at leading golf retailers, but I went a step further and went through the fitting process with our specialists, each using different technology, to see what I could do with my equipment to improve my game. The results were remarkable.

Here at Ken Shall golf center we carry such golf name brands: as Cobra, Taylor Made, Cleveland, Titleist, Wilson, Mizuno, Callaway and many more. We are always adding more golf brands.



golf fitting center

We have a state-of-the-art indoor driving range which is used for club fitting and for customers to try the latest demonstration clubs. Here at Ken Shall golf center we take a wide variety of actions to make our indoor range state-of-the-art. First, the range has a wide variety of targets that allow you to test every club for accuracy and exact distance. Second, our range balls are inspected daily to make sure you are hitting with only accurate golf balls that are true to form. We change out our hitting mats weekly so you again only hit on the most level turf that is true to real life.


golf rangeNo longer do you have to fear you are getting false distance readings due to old beat up golf balls.  We strive to make sure our facilities allow you to get the best possible distances and information on testing golf clubs. Our launch monitors will provide tons of data that you can get from on a real range! This will totally help improve your game sooner and more successfully. No need to worry about daylight, not having your clubs or losing your ball. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer we have you covered!!! All skill levels and ages are welcome to come by or feel free to make an appointment.


Arizona GolfFeel free to take advantage of our unique knowledge about golf around town. Ken Shall has played the courses and competed in tournaments all over the state. This allows us to not only help you with your equipment, but we can help with course recommendations or help finding the right events for your skill level.