Golf Tips

Golf Tips

Golf Travel Bag

Here is great tip for any golfer taking their next golf trip. No need to spend a lot of money on golf travel bag! We have partnered up with a new service online that allow me to rent a golf travel bag for your upcoming golf trip.  All you have to do is select a rental golf travel bag you wanted, a period of time you needed the for and when you want the bag delivered.  Once bag boy foldable luggageagain the power of the internet is amazing.  Once your rental period is up, all you have to do is simply place the rental golf travel bag back in the original shipping box and drop it off at a FedEx provides a prepaid shipping label with each of their rental bags so all you have to do is place the prepaid shipping label on the box.

golf travel bag

The rental golf travel bag works great for anybody next golf trip with family or friends.  Also, their bags work for any airline you could be flying on too. You can scheduled the rental to be delivered two days before your departure and it will show up in a nice fedex box. Before I forget, this company was



Pack Properly

We suggested always bringing the umbrella, If you are going on trip to Bandon Dunes or St. Andrews you are going to need a good rain suit or good umbrella. Most of the courses in Europe don’t have cart paths either. Thus, links courses are walking-only without golf carts. Make sure to empty out your golf bag! golf balls for tripYou will want to take out all those top-flites ball you found on #17 hole three years ago. We do suggested packing extra golf balls in the suitcase but you will want to only carry 7-8 in your bag at any given time. Your back will thank you later. If you are looking for some good used golf ball check out

Rain Suit

Rain Suit for Golf TripOn my last golf trip I found having a rain suit was so important! I’ve used my footjoy Suit many times in heavy rain, and it worked awesome! So when I headed to Pebble Beach last year and the forecast was for lots of rain, I wasn’t too worried. Thus, my recommendation is always keep a good great rain suit in your trunk, locker or bag…. Any color with work too!


Golf Shoes

extra pair of golf shoes for golf trip

Bring at least two pairs of golf shoes. And make sure to bring some comfortable casual shoe that can be worn on travel days or to the restaurant after the round. You will want to make sure your golf shoes are waterproof too. It’s very likely you will get rain on or play early in the morning.